Now that winter league is over, are you wondering where to get your ultiamte fix? San Diego offers a variety of pickup games and club teams for you to check out (and come June, we will open up signups for Summer League). Club Season starts soon! If you're interested in playing with a San Diego club team like Air Show,…


Number 2 seeded Dino-might! faced off against underdogs Sharktooth in today's finals match. There was plenty of heckling from burger-eating spectators. There was sand in places it shouldn't go. There were hammers and two pointers and lots of wind.

Dino-might! took the early lead and never gave it up, winning 13-9.

Congrats to Dino-might! for taking home the gold!

The DUDE Tournament is here! Will undefeated top seed Thesaurus! go down? Will winless Tyrannosaurus Flex win a game? Come find out!

Tournament Schedule

Games start at 10, just like normal. Each round is a single game, with single elimination. Finals will start at 1pm. There will be food and drinks and ultimate. Oh, and there will be jerseys. So if…
If you look at the schedule for this week you might notice that the games are on fields 5-8 instead of 1-4. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!
It means that the fields will be set up on the NORTH side of the lifeguard tower. If you show up to the south side (where we normally play), just look north and you…
It's a little chilly and a little windy and a little wet but GAME ON!
Hey San Diego Ultimate community,
We are announcing a new mixed team captained by Tommy Li, Cody Kirkland, Alexa Kirkland and Pebbles. We think that San Diego ultimate is currently in a great position to make a splash in the mixed division, and we are excited to form this new club team.
If you are interested in trying out…
Dinosaur In Rain

There's talk of a storm a-brewin. Yup, mmhmmm. Didja know that Winter League used to be on the grass? Back in my day, any piddly amount of rain would close them grass fields and cancel our fun. That there's exactly why DUDE moved to the beach for Winter League. Now we can play in whatever weather we want! Some of these…

DUDE likes to promote events in the San Diego ultimate community - even those we don't run ourselves. Here is a hat tournament happening soon that sounds like a lot of fun! Please note that it is not run by DUDE - we're just spreading the word!
Whats included?
  • A one day fun mixed hat tournament. Meet up with…
Left Out

Registration is now closed! Congratulations to all the good little green and blue dinosaurs who registered on time.

If you're a sad little red dinosaur and missed out on registration, you can still register for our waitlist. If space becomes available, we will allow waitlisted players into the league.

Stay tuned for team assignments which will be emailed out late tonight.…

Winter League is a 4v4 beach league. We follow BULA 4v4 rules, unless noted. Here's a quick refresher of the rules you're likely to need clarified:

  • Fields are 7.5m/31m/7.5m x 27m wide
  • Pulls must be inverted (at least 10 degrees from vertical when landing)
  • Dropped pull is a turnover
  • Brick mark is 7.5m in front of the goal line (the…