Thank you to everyone who attended the open forum in July and/or filled out the volunteer survey!  If you want to help out and have not yet filled out the survey, head over to the volunteer page.  We and the ultimate community will always appreciate your help!

Based on your suggestions and interest levels, we have selected the initial committees that we feel will benefit the ultimate community the most at this time.  Each committee will have at least one Board member (listed) who will serve as a liaison between the committee and the Board, though other Board members may…

We recently we held our first Open Forum where we ask for input from the community on DUDE's direction.

If you missed the meeting, you can get a great summary by reading our Open Forum Minutes at this link, or embedded below. (We've been posting all of our Board Meeting Minutes here.)

One of the main focuses of our Open Forum was to gauge interest in certain committees we'd like set up - like Youth, Community Outreach, Tournaments.... and the list goes on.  Whether you just started playing or are a 20+ year veteran, we need your help in making the ultimate community…

Games start tonight. See you on the fields!

We are pleased to announce the DUDE Board has been established! Our inductees are:
  • President: Alisha Stoun
  • Vice President: Emily Baker
  • Treasurer: Keith Temple
  • Secretary: Laura Shields
  • Board Member At-Large: Brett Schellenberg
Learn all about them on our Board of Directors page.
Our first order of business was to refresh our mission statement:

 We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for the San Diego community to compete, connect, and develop by promoting the sport of ultimate.

During the Board's inaugural year, we will focus on the basic logistics. While simultaneously pushing forward into more visible opportunities for…

San Diego Ultimate Community,

As many of you know, DUDE (Diego Ultimate Disc Experience) has been the governing body for San Diego ultimate leagues, tournaments, and a great force behind connecting the ultimate community for over a decade. For all the great things DUDE has accomplished, it's time for us to take the next step. San Diego deserves a more comprehensive program, and we need your help to accomplish that!

So What's Next?

We have created a mission statement for DUDE, as well as a framework for articles of incorporation. We have set board positions, roles, responsibilities, and immediate action items…