San Diego Ultimate Community,

As many of you know, DUDE (Diego Ultimate Disc Experience) has been the governing body for San Diego ultimate leagues, tournaments, and a great force behind connecting the ultimate community for over a decade. For all the great things DUDE has accomplished, it's time for us to take the next step. San Diego deserves a more comprehensive program, and we need your help to accomplish that!

So What's Next?

We have created a mission statement for DUDE, as well as a framework for articles of incorporation. We have set board positions, roles, responsibilities, and immediate action items…

All we have games this week! Fields will be north of the life guard tower this week. Look for the food table to find the fields. Please find me if you still need your jerseys!

Same time and same place as usual! See y'all a little before 10am tomorrow. If you have not picked up your jersey yet please come early tomorrow and get it from me.

Picture of Micah Blazar
Micah Blazar
Mar 13, 2015
San Diego, CA

Return of the DUDE: Episode 4!!

Games on tomorrow!! 10am game start. Jerseys will be handed out starting at 930. If you have not paid for league yet bring your money tomorrow!